Signs of life.

David Brewbaker’s new CD only contains seven songs. That is in line with his two previous releases, both of them singles with two and three songs respectively.

In these new songs Brewbaker proves much more to be a jazzy singer-songwriter with a lazy timing than in those older songs. The versatile musician played guitar, bass and keyboards, while he also programmed the drums.

For his sound he drew inspiration from fusion and singer-songwriter. Because of his ample live experience the ex-composer for documentaries and jingles gives these influences a twist of his own, with unexpected changes in tempo and original background vocals.

His emotional guitar solos add and extra layer to his songs, just like occasional solos by saxophone player Brian Graham. Brewbaker’s voice simply wraps up this modest song collection: sometimes he sounds contemplative but concerned, but in ballads like A Slip Of The Tongue he deals bitterly and convincingly with a lover.