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Rob Jungklas was on the brink of musical success at the end of the eighties, but married and found a job. As a result of the divorce of his wife and son and the purchase of a second-hand guitar the English teacher from Memphis made an overwhelming come-back in 2002. Arkadelphia, the CD with which he tore apart the silence, still is of an unknown, timeless ferocity, just like Gully, which was released five years later.

In the ten songs on his third CD there is no way of comparing Jungklas to anyone but himself. Accompanied by a sometimes possessed drummer and bass player he wrestles just as hard with God as with the devil. In religious metaphors the audibly tormented singer-songwriter sings about despair, doubt, penance, guilt, lust, love and comfort. Longing for redemption Jungklas is just as claustrophobic as intense, sometimes flogging his guitars so evocatively that they can hardly have survived the recording sessions. That way he again creates a masterpiece that is as dark as it is intriguing.