‘Kippenvel’ (‘Goose bumps’) has been broadcast via RTV Katwijk on FM 106.8 MHz and via cable on 88.1 MHz every Tuesday night from 20:00 to 22:00 since May 2007. Outside the local area it can be listened to via websites www.rtvkatwijk.nl and www.kippenvel.net.

In this show music that deserves to be heard is key. Therefore all music played is ‘foreground music’. Singer-songwriter, Americana, roots, funk, rootsrock, folk, jazz, soul, gospel or blues, they are meant to move you, no more and no less. If that happens, that week’s edition is a success.

www.kippenvel.net is more than a website supporting a roots radio show: the playlists, the CD reviews, the short descriptions of interesting new releases, the columns, the short pieces, the recommended concerts, the description of small clubs, the contemporary classics, the year lists, the yearly Kippenvel Top So And So Many, the artists in Unjustly Unknown and the music news should make it a place to lose yourself in roots music for a while.

On top of that: via www.kippenvel.net two editions of ‘Kippenvel’can be listened to as streams via the tab ‘Uitzending’.

Ruud Heijjer has written reviews and columns for popmagazine Heaven since december 2000 because of  Anders Osborne’s Living Room and Little Feat.

A choice of translated reviews and colums can be read after clicking ‘English pieces’ on the web page on the right in the row from top to bottom .

Heijjer  has compiled and presented ‘Kippenvel’ for local public broadcaster RTV Katwijk since May 2007 with his partner in music, sound engineer Gerhard Kraaijenoord.

Heijjer prefers to listen to music in the absence of others and that’s why he loves radio. Even then it can be difficult the approach the feeling that he had when the music really impressed him, the first time he heard it.

Because of that Heijjer and Kraaijenoord invite acts to come to the studio on an irregular basis to perform live and play their own favourite songs. That leads to unpredictable radio every time.

For Heijjer and Kraaijenoord pop music (as it is called in Holland) is not a mausoleum of fixed memories of distant good old days, which, on top of that, have not happened the way they are remembered anyway. Pop music has yielded more beautiful songs than ever before the last couple of years.

Who already realizes that, should surely listen. Who does not believe that, should take the risk of getting convinced by tuning in every week too. The only danger is that you will get addicted to pop music (again).

Kippenvel at RTV Katwijk

Tuesdays from 20:00 to 22:00

Also live and streaming via

www.rtvkatwijk.nl and www.kippenvel.net

contact: ruudheijjer@kippenvel.net