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Rob Jungklas – Mapping The Wreckage

dinsdag, december 7th, 2010


Rob Jungklas was on the brink of musical success at the end of the eighties, but married and found a job. As a result of the divorce of his wife and son and the purchase of a second-hand guitar the English teacher from Memphis made an overwhelming come-back in 2002. Arkadelphia, the CD with which he tore apart the silence, still is of an unknown, timeless ferocity, just like Gully, which was released five years later.

In the ten songs on his third CD there is no way of comparing Jungklas to (more…)

Erik Göransson – These Will Be The Days

zondag, december 5th, 2010

Talented expat.

The Swedish singer-songwriter Erik Göransson, who operates from Barcelona, self-released this twelve song-debut earlier in 2010.

With his good English pronunciation and his thorougly structured songs his folky pop immediately appeals. Both his up-tempo songs and his intimate ballads are (more…)

Annie Keating – Water Tower View

dinsdag, november 23rd, 2010

Wide view.

Annie Keating made three CD’s already since 2004, of which only the positively reviewed Belmont reached the Netherlands. On her fourth she sings eleven self-penned compositions in a mix of roots, folk and country with melancholy as a main ingredient.

Keating, also playing the acoustic guitar, is backed by (more…)

Rain Perry – Internal Combustion

vrijdag, november 19th, 2010

Sacred fire.

Despite three covers of well-known songs Rain Perry’s seven self-penned songs attract attention on her third CD. The really very unusually titled opener The Compartmentalized Thing is a cleverly structured, swinging song about selling your emotions on stage, complete with surprising a rock guitar and infectious horns. Perry phrases longingly around the beat in an clear mix of disbelief and desire. It is a characteristic example of her evocative singing, also (more…)

K.C. McKanzie – DryLand

dinsdag, oktober 26th, 2010

Rich harvest.

K.C. McKanzie is a German folky singer-songwriter’s stage name and not without reason: in her thirteen self-penned songs on her fourth CD she once again combines folk, Americana and singer-songwriter.

On her CDs and on stages in Germany, Denmark, Switserland and the Netherlands her guitar or banjo are just as important as Joe ‘Budi’ Budinski’s banjo or bass, which he also regularly plays with the help of drum sticks. Because of the drummer in nine of these songs the music tends a little towards folkrock.

In the complete yet open sound McKanzie’s folky melodies (more…)

Kirsten Thien – Delicious

dinsdag, oktober 19th, 2010


Kirsten Thien chose guitar playing and singing above the banking world some ten years ago and already released She Really Is in 2001 and You’ve Got Me in 2006.

It resulted in many live gigs, but no breakthrough. From the very first notes of Love Is Made To Share Thien proves how unjust that is. That opener overpowers because of (more…)

Lynne Hanson – Once The Sun Goes Down

dinsdag, oktober 19th, 2010

Canadian Lynne Hanson makes a huge step in the direction of roots music on her third CD, although the country feel of Things I Miss and Eleven Months is still audible. She describes the eleven new songs that she wrote in her kitchen consequently as ‘porch music with a little Texas dirt’.

Still she transcends that genre with influences from (more…)

The Comforters – Two Piece Orchestra

zaterdag, oktober 9th, 2010


Pia and Jason Robbins lived in LA, but found more rest in Eugene, Oregon. There they recorded their fully convincing, highly melancholic debut Transplants, which they put out themselves and which rightly got airplay in the U.S. and in Europe here and there.

With Jason at the controls again and on acoustic and electric guitar, bass and percussion plus guests on drums, cello, glockenspiel and trombone, Pia and he sing and play ten perfectly sounding, layered folky pop songs on this somophore album, which was once more self-released.

On it, yet again beautifully melancholically sung ballads are alternated with mid tempo songs. They range from (more…)

Freebo – Dog People

donderdag, oktober 7th, 2010

Unconditional love.

She’s My D.O.G., originating from Freebo’s first solo-cd The End Of The Beginning, is the starting point for this second one.  In that swinging rock song he confesses his feelings for his dog Garbo, which was audibly present during recording. Now he fills a CD with doggish songs and although it only contains eight songs, his feelings for that species are abundantly clear.

Apparently he holds the opinion that it is better to have the listener (more…)

Randall Bramblett – No More Mr Lucky

zaterdag, oktober 2nd, 2010

Stylishly composed grieve.

Randall Bramblett already played once in Chuck Leavell’s Sea Level, did all kinds of session work and was part of Traffic’s line-up a few years ago. Continually, jazz was not very far off in this sax player/keyboardist’s work.

On his all-in-all fourth solo disc that is (more…)