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Lynne Hanson – Once The Sun Goes Down

oktober 19th, 2010 at 15:55

Canadian Lynne Hanson makes a huge step in the direction of roots music on her third CD, although the country feel of Things I Miss and Eleven Months is still audible. She describes the eleven new songs that she wrote in her kitchen consequently as ‘porch music with a little Texas dirt’.

Still she transcends that genre with influences from folk and singer-songwriter especially. Hanson transforms her emotions in a personal way into universal ones in six medium tempo songs and ballads she wrote alone and in five written together with mentor Paul Bourdeau.

Looking back on a relationship she broke off she wavers between despair, resignation and desire. In doing so, her phlegmatic vocals contrast impressively with her feelings.

Blake Manning’s dry drums, Brian Kobayakawa’s zooming bass, Jason Snidermans’ atmospheric keys and David Baxter’s guitar, banjo, mandoline and production do not only support Hanson’s understated vocals effectively, but underline them convincingly.


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