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Annie Keating – Water Tower View

november 23rd, 2010 at 0:00

Wide view.

Annie Keating made three CD’s already since 2004, of which only the positively reviewed Belmont reached the Netherlands. On her fourth she sings eleven self-penned compositions in a mix of roots, folk and country with melancholy as a main ingredient.

Keating, also playing the acoustic guitar, is backed by drummer Chris Benelli and bassist/producer Jason Mercer plus a long list of guests like Bo Ramsey.

The somewhat hoarse and nasal Keating prefers medium-tempo songs and ballads in which she lets her lyrics do the work with her understated diction. Her voice evokes regret and longing naturally and her musicians take care of sparse, but effective acompaniment in these songs. Thus she convinces once again, whereas she rocks spaceously enough to be infectious in A Little Too Long, with Josh Rabinowitz on a surprising trombone.

That way Keating proves to be both a sincere and a complete Texan singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York.

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