Stay-at-home wanderer.

Lindell’s new double CD is released on blues label MC Records, but is in fact a rerelease of two CDs released independently by Lindell after he handed in his contract with Alligator Records.

That is a renowned blues label too, but Lindell is inspired by blues at most, because he plays early rock ’n roll, soul, reggae and ballads just as enthusiastically. To do that, the singer/guitarist only needs eighteen songs, because the CD that was originally called Cazadero contains ten songs, of which two are instrumentals. Between Motion and Rest, now the second one, only contains eight songs.

The Californian that moved to New Orleans must feel equally at home in his new residence and in his birth state, because he recorded the first with regular musicians Will McMains – drums and Myles Weeks – bass in New Orleans, but the second one in California with different accompanists.

In the songs that he sings with his hoarse voice there is an important role for horns, which spice up fourteen tracks. In soloing because of soloing this good guitar player is not interested: the song always comes first.

With kindred spirit Delbert McClinton on harmonica in one song and Ivan Neville on organ and electric piano on all eight songs on CD 2, many self-penned songs and covers of Curtis Mayfield’s Find Another Girl en It’s So Hard To Believe this double CD once again proves Erid Lindell’s rootsy versatility.