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Trouble holding back – Helen Rose

februari 4th, 2019 at 12:04

lively old soul

There are ten songs on singer-saxophonist Helen Rose’s first full-length album, of which she only co-wrote three. Marvin Etzioni was one of the other writers, whereas the original Lone Justice bass player also was the (co-)composer of four other songs. He arranged the traditional ‘When the levee breaks’ too, together with Rose and Ben Peeler.

While he is important behind the scenes, the 24 year-old Rose is exactly that in the spotlights: she proves to be a versatile and extremely convincing singer in different genres.

One of the highlights is the musically careful ‘Flatlands of North Dakota’: that song is a direct reference to Bobby Gentry’s ‘Ode to Billie Jo’ because of the string section’s ominous countermelody and the thematically related lyrics of a woman who wants to escape North Dakota no matter the cost.

There are parallels with Rose’s life: she saved the budget for the sessions for this album working some job in New York and knew how to lure legendary drummer James Gatson, as well as Derrick Anderson on bass, Eric Heywood on pedal steel, Jonah Tochin on elektric guitar and her father Alex on banjo and acoustic guitar into recording.

They enable her to rock in a sizzling way with a languid timing, to confess the blues emotionally, to whisper sensually in quiet ballads and to sing classic soul exuberantly.

The direct way of recording of the sixties and seventies resonates in these songs too. They put Rose’s vocal rightly at the centre and because of that she sounds just as spontaneous as weathered, also because of her honking saxphone.


Ruud Heijjer

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