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Erik Göransson – These Will Be The Days

december 5th, 2010 at 0:00

Talented expat.

The Swedish singer-songwriter Erik Göransson, who operates from Barcelona, self-released this twelve song-debut earlier in 2010.

With his good English pronunciation and his thorougly structured songs his folky pop immediately appeals. Both his up-tempo songs and his intimate ballads are infectious and embedded in tradition. Sometimes his acoustic guitar leans on the lazy drums and ditto bass that also characterise surf-pop, played by Jefferson Otto and Joan Tena. At other times he furnishes his songs with a languid accordion, a hesitating piano and a clear electric guitar. They are all played by Tena, who proves to be very important indeed for Göransson’s sound.

Göransson also lures the listener into his songs with his supple, somewhat hoarse vocals. He turns out to be a melancholical optimist in the fields of the environment, friendship and love and thus proves all the more that greater Barcelona is also situated on sea.


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